Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yay Spring!

We have Spring Fever. The last two days of this week have been great with the warmer weather. I'm looking forward to the weekend with the sun shining!

I can already tell that this summer we won't be indoors much. Colton loves the outside and would spend all day out there if we allowed him too. You would think we were killing him with the fits he throws while bringing him inside.

The other day our friend Aniston got to come over and play for a little while. Colton loved it! Aniston is the cutest little grownup, I mean girl. Seriously I am so impressed with how mature and smart she is! I had to keep reminding myself she is only two. My friends Jena and Chris are doing a great job in raising her!
We played outside the whole time and had a blast! Aniston was very good at helping me make sure Colton didn't go in the street, or throw rocks in the grass and she even taught him how to roll down our hill.
I do have to say the sidewalk chalk was the best idea. We drew for an hour. Aniston kept asking me to draw Mickey, which wasn't so hard, then she wanted me to draw Goofy. That is where my artistic abilities stopped. So we made up our own Goofy (sad there are no pictures).
Here are a few pictures of our good times.

Thanks Aniston for coming over! Come over anytime and you can play with all of Colton's toys!

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