Monday, August 27, 2012

In Colton's Words...

First Day of Preschool Questionnaire
August 27, 2012
My best friends name is: Grandpa Treat
My favorite thing to play: Power Rangers
My favorite color: Red
My favorite book: Scooby Doo
My favorite TV show: Power Rangers
My favorite food: Dinosaur Eggs (oatmeal)
When I grow up, I want to: be a Red Power Ranger
Something I really like: My Utah Utes Football
Something I really don't like: Purses
My favorite thing about myself: My mommy
Something I want to do this year: Go back to Lagoon

First Day of Preschool

I can not believe Colton is old enough to be going to Preschool! Time really does need to slow down because I am NOT ready to let my baby grow up!

When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he answered with NO hesitation: A Power Ranger!

He was SO excited about starting. He would tell me he needed to pack a lunch for school and that he was going to take a nap when he was there. I had to explain to him he wasn't going to be there that long!
I dropped him off and he was just ready to run right in and sit down, no hug or anything! *tear* I walked away and shed a few tears and went back to work for a few hours. When I went back a couple hours later he ran out and was SO excited about how much fun he had! He said he painted, read a scary Scooby Doo story with five Wolves, sang songs and got a cupcake!
I am so glad he had fun and is excited to go back and I just love his teachers so far! Here is to a successful first school year!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lewis Family Reunion

Last weekend was the annual Lewis Family Reunion. Now although my last name is Lewis I am actually not blood related to this family. My step dad's mother's maiden name was Lewis so it is ju8st a coincidence. Although I am not blood related I 100% consider these people family. I am so lucky that my mom decided to get some pretty amazing in-laws when she married my step dad many moons ago!

This year we went to Lava Hot Springs. It was so much fun and we had a great turn out. I was awful at taking pictures compared to years past so I don't have pictures of every one who was actually there. We got up there Thursday and set up camp and relaxed. Friday we went to the Lava Hot Springs Swimming Complex. Colton was kind of a stinker and was super clingy to me in the pool and wouldn't go under water or play with anyone else. He mostly wanted to sit out on the grass. After a couple hours we went back to camp and he decided he wanted to swim again so his awesome Aunt Karlee took him back and said he was MUCH better and had tons of fun- go figure-. We got to visit that night and went to bed fairly early since Colton was worn out from a day in the sun.

Such great friends!
Saturday when everyone was either golfing or running the river we went and walked downtown with The Campbell's (minus Shamie), Grandma, Karlee, Margaret, Melissa and her nieces. We stopped and got ice cream which was a big hit since it was blazing HOT that day! Back at camp the kids got to decorate some frames and visors. Colton had fun decorating but only wore his visor for about 2 seconds. He has never been a hat person. That night we had our annual auction. I love the auction as everyone always brings such great items. This year Karlee and I made some holiday crafts. Karlee's turned out GREAT and went for $325 altogether! Mine totaled to about $75 but I was proud I even took anything. I am NOT a crafty person! It was a very successful auction and we had a record of over $1600.00, this family really is awesome and knows that every dime they spend just funds the reunion for the next year.
Doing Crafts
Decorating himself instead of the frame!

At the Ice Cream Shop

This is really just a synopsis of what we did, we had a GREAT weekend with great people. I always look forward to these reunions and it is always a highlight of our summer. We can't wait to next year when we will probably get to travel up to Oregon or Washington.

Friends for Life!
Lucas, Colton, Emrie, Eva
Grandpa the photo bomber

Myself and Melissa

Mom, Karlee and Melissa

Myself and Margaret

In the Tent

In the Tent

The last morning with the family and Terry's brother Larry
P.S. Every year another family is in charge of planning, the family that was suppose to plan this summer had a wedding to plan so my mom was asked in March to take her turn this summer and I think it needs to be said that she did an AMAZING job! Trying to find somewhere that late in the year to accommodate the size of our group that is also somewhere fun was stressful but she pulled it off-like she always does. I sure hope when I got older I am as much as a rock star as she is!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Bird... It's a Plane...

This is hands down one of my favorite stages in this boys life! He has such an amazing imagination and personality. I just love watching him play and coming up with all his scenarios. We do not go a day without playing Power Rangers, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk or Batman! To sit and listen to him play is the one of the best sounds in the world. I know God sent me a boy for a reason because I would much rather sword fight, transform into a power ranger, be a "bad guy" or be a sidekick any day than play with Barbies or Princesses!! I am so in love with this child! It might be borderline unhealthy ;) 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are you ready...?

Repeat after me:
24 Days! 24 Days! 24 Days!
I am SOOOO ready for football! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

When Gina comes to town...

My great friend and coworker from South Carolina, Gina, got to come out to Salt Lake for a whole week. She came out here for the companies summer party (how awesome that they will fly her out here for that!) and just decided that since she will be here she might as well spend some actual time out here. She stayed at our house and Colton and myself both ADORE her! We had a busy week but loved every second of it! The next four posts are all about the fun we had. I am SO SAD she is gone, now I just have to convince my bosses to fly me out to South Carolina next! Wish me luck!

Park City.

Saturday we had a BUSY day! We woke up early and headed up to Park City to spend the day. We met Kirk and Aimee had Squatters and had some brunch. The view from the windows in that restaurant was amazing! We then went to the Park City Resort and did the Coaster and Alpine Slide. I had never done either and I was pleasantly surprised with how FUN it was! Colton LOVED the rides and was really sad we could only go down them once (the only bad thing I have to say about it is WOW it was expensive!!).

Brunch at Squatters
Coming down from the Coaster
Getting ready to go down the Alpine Slide
We then headed over to my companies summer party in Jeremy Ranch. It was lots of fun eating good BBQ, letting the kids play in the bounce houses, playing Ladder Golf, trying out hula hoops and spending time with people outside of the work environment.

Hula Hooping

 That night Karlee was AMAZING and came and got Colton and took him to the Derby in Coalville so I could spend the night in Park City with just adults. Gina and I along with Kirk and Aimee got a room so we didn't have to drive back down. We headed up to The Canyons where they have free concerts every Friday and Saturday night. I had never been there in the summer and HOLY COW! My life was changed, I can't believe I had been missing this my whole life. I can honestly say I have never felt more in place than I did at that moment. The music was great but the people were even better! It was so chill and relaxing and I just felt like it was Zen. Yes, I realize how ridiculous this sounds but I can't explain the feeling I got while I was up there in words. I do know that I plan on going up every chance I get the rest of the summer and am sad it is already August but now I know for next year! After the concert we went back bowling at Jupiter Bowling. That bowling alley is swanky!! So much fun but by the time we were half way through the second game we were DONE! I think the whole week of non stop going just caught up with us! We finished up and went back to the room and crashed. I had an AMAZING week but man am I exhausted!! It will nice to get back to my routine and rest up for a few days!
Listening to some music
The ride up the Gondola
Aimee and Kirk
The ride back down the Gondola

Don't Stop Believing!

Friday night Gina and I (along with Justin) went to the Journey concert at Ushana. All I can say is AMAZING!! It was SO much fun! The place was packed, the atmosphere was great, the music was awesome. Loverboy and Pat Benatar were their opening acts and I was in heaven! I have LOVED Pat Benatar since my sophomore year of high school when my Aunt Lori gave me her greatest hits CD! It was a night I will never forget!


One of the reasons I love when Gina comes to town is I finally go and do things in the state I have lived my whole life in and never have found the time to do them. One of those things is to ride the tram at Snowbird. I am blown away with how GORGEOUS Utah really is. Karlee, Gina Colton and myself met up with some girls from work and had a good time. It was truly beautiful up there.
The view on the way up

Playing in the dirt

Girls from work

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

On Wednesday we headed down to the Bee's game. I LOVE going to the Bee's game. It is so much fun to sit in the warmth and drink some beer while watching baseball! Colton loves it also, but probably just for snow cones! We went with Aimee and Kirk, Justin and us. it was such a nice relaxing night!

Gina and Aimee

Love my boy!

City Creek

On Tuesday night while Gina was in town Kalree, Gina Colton and I took Trax down to City Creek to walk around. Although the Trax ride down traumatixed Gina for life (super creeper was sitting next to us) it was fun to go down there. We met up with a group from work and ate at the food court than walked around. Colton of course LOVED the fountains and splash pad and could have spent the whole night in it. Next time I will be prepared and have dry clothes for him to ride home in. Poor boy was freezing!

Wat a great view!
Playing in the fountain

The aftermath of how SOAKED he got!

The ride home with his friend!