Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimming, Eating and Blowing Things Up!

Friday I took the day off of work to spend some time with Colton. We went swimming in the afternoon with Grandma Margie at Taylorsville Pool and had a blast. Colton really has no fear of the water and could spend his whole day in water. While there Colton said his first sentence. A group next to us was eating popsicles and Colton looked at them then looked at me and no joke said

"momma, I wanna osicle"

I couldn't believe it. The kid who has not been allowed sugar and this is his first sentence. It figures! Colton is saying more and more words and I feel like he is just going to take off talking soon.

That night we went over to Grandpa and Grandma Lewis' house for a bbq and fireworks. Uncle Trevor was there and some of Margie's friends including Chloe, who is seven months older than Colton. Those two had a blast! They sat right on the stone ledge and watched the fireworks intently and giggled every time there was a noisy one. I loved listening to the two of them "talk" to each other. Although none of the adults understood what they were saying they sure did understand each other. It was the perfect start to our holiday weekend.

Crash and Go Boom

Saturday the 24th Colton, Uncle Trevor and I made the trip up to Kamas. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember to spend the 24th at Kamas Fiesta Days. Although my attendance to all the other festivities is no longer I NEVER miss the Demo Derby. I look forward to this every year and want Colton to grow up with the same tradition. The last six years have been the most fun since my cousin Tyson has started to drive in them. My cousin Cameron has also started building cars and driving in it. Those two are insane and do numerous derbies every summer. Tyson has been working on his car since April and you could tell. His first meet he had unfortunate luck and got hit from behind and high centered on a log. Nobody would come help him get down so he was out. He did end up winning $250 for the "hard luck" award. His car was in great shape and he ended up coming back into the grudge match. He now was driving like he had a purpose. He was hitting cars so hard he ended up rolling one. The crowd really gets into this. He won the grudge match so made it back into finals. There he became insane. He caused two more rollovers (so THREE total) and winning the whole thing! First place won four THOUSAND dollars, they also gave a "Mad Dog" award for the craziest driver which in no surprise Tyson also won that. It paid out $750 and another Derby car. This bringing his grand total to $5000.00 and a car!!! Overall it really made the derby one, if not my most, favorite I have ever been too.

It was also really nice to spend the afternoon visiting with all the grandparents up there and eating yummy food. I know it's blurry but if you can see the car tipped over Tyson did that...

Uncle Trevor

We always get so excited when Uncle Trevor comes to town. Last Feburary when he came out it took Colton a little while to warm up to him. When we met him in Seattle he did a better job. This time he was excited from the minute he saw him. We have made an effort to show Colton pictures of Trevor and act really excited when we talk about him. My brother amazes me with how cute and good he is with Colton. He really is a great Uncle. They got to hang out, eat popsicles, pick up "babes", play baseball, and play on Colton's new slip n slide that Trevor bought him. We hate when it comes time to say goodbye especially when we know the next time we see him won't be all the way until November. Until then we will keep looking at pictures, reminding Colton how cool his Uncle is and have the occasional phone call.

A word of advice...

To round out our holiday weekend we went four-wheeling Sunday up American Fork canyon. Trevor has never been able to go with us so we wanted to make sure we got out while he was here. We went with our friends Dennis and Kathy, Mom and Terry, Trevor and myself. We had five four wheelers which was good with me. I don't mind being the passanger, especially when we start going up rocky mountains. The way up we did pretty good. We made it up to a lake and stopped for a little break. We decided to head back down so we could go up another trailWell on our way down we had an unfortunate turn of events. While headed down the rocky paths my mom hit a rut and ended up rolling her four wheeler. Terry and I were right behind her and watched it happen. It was honestly probably the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. Thank the Lord that she was okay but that is honestly because someone higher up must have been watching out for her. She did get knocked out for about 40 seconds, got a head wound, a nasty hemotoma on her arm, and some bumps and bruises all down her right side. The only reason I tell this story (not to embarrass my mom) is to let this be a lesson to anyone who actually reads this. Now my mom might have been lucky this time but that is not always the case. We know it was wrong and we realize how lucky we are but never again will we forget to WEAR OUR HELMETS!!! I can't tell you how bad it could have been if she hadn't missed all the rocks around her when she fell. The moral of the story is to

Always Wear Your Helmet.

No matter what!!

We didn't take pictures of her wounds until a couple days later but her arm was pretty gross.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giddy Up!

We got free tickets to the Days of '47 parade on Tuesday and had a blast! It was "tough enough to wear pink" night so Karlee, Mom and I wore pink then we bought bandannas there for Terry and Colton. It was pretty cool to see every cowboy and cowgirl competing in there wearing pink shirts. We had great seats about six rows up so we got to see a lot of the horses pretty up close. Colton loved it and kept calling all the men on horses "Bompa" (grandpa). Although I don't know if I would have paid to go I'm really glad we went and might have to make it a yearly tradition.
Colton was also so cute that the next day his picture was in the Deseret News! He made one great cowboy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Time...

To go
that is...
I have been debating it for awhile and have decided that although I love keeping my friends and family updated on our oh-so-exciting life I don't really like strangers being updated.
I hate that when you go private you no longer get news feeds in google reader but oh well...I mostly do this for my own journaling reasons anyhow. Please let me know if you are interested in being invited. I don't want anyone to feel like they can't read this blog. As long as I have an idea of who you are I will definitely "invite" you no problems! I'm giving it two weeks then bye bye creepy Internet stalker land!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Last weekend Colton and I went with my Mom and Terry up to Wasatch State Park to camp for the night. They were going up to four wheel and golf for the weekend so we tagged along. He loved riding in the motor home and I think my Mom was more excited for Colton to sleep in the motor home then he or I was (the bed we slept on was not comfortable) Camping is definitely Colton's element. He loves being outdoors and playing with bugs and dirt that he was in heaven! We got there and set up, went for a walk and explored, made a fire, roasted marshmallows, relaxed and got very dirty! Colton loved sleeping in the motor home and woke up in the best mood! He slept so good he even slept through the huge thunder storm that was shaking the motor home at times, the pounding rain, and a restless mom who couldn't stay still through the night. The next morning we made breakfast and got our stuff together to leave. Everyone was going four wheeling so we headed out to visit the Great-Grandparents in Kamas. It was a great little getaway and has made me very excited for the few more camping trips we have planned this summer!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I get chills everytime I watch this.