Thursday, July 29, 2010

A word of advice...

To round out our holiday weekend we went four-wheeling Sunday up American Fork canyon. Trevor has never been able to go with us so we wanted to make sure we got out while he was here. We went with our friends Dennis and Kathy, Mom and Terry, Trevor and myself. We had five four wheelers which was good with me. I don't mind being the passanger, especially when we start going up rocky mountains. The way up we did pretty good. We made it up to a lake and stopped for a little break. We decided to head back down so we could go up another trailWell on our way down we had an unfortunate turn of events. While headed down the rocky paths my mom hit a rut and ended up rolling her four wheeler. Terry and I were right behind her and watched it happen. It was honestly probably the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. Thank the Lord that she was okay but that is honestly because someone higher up must have been watching out for her. She did get knocked out for about 40 seconds, got a head wound, a nasty hemotoma on her arm, and some bumps and bruises all down her right side. The only reason I tell this story (not to embarrass my mom) is to let this be a lesson to anyone who actually reads this. Now my mom might have been lucky this time but that is not always the case. We know it was wrong and we realize how lucky we are but never again will we forget to WEAR OUR HELMETS!!! I can't tell you how bad it could have been if she hadn't missed all the rocks around her when she fell. The moral of the story is to

Always Wear Your Helmet.

No matter what!!

We didn't take pictures of her wounds until a couple days later but her arm was pretty gross.

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