Thursday, July 29, 2010

Uncle Trevor

We always get so excited when Uncle Trevor comes to town. Last Feburary when he came out it took Colton a little while to warm up to him. When we met him in Seattle he did a better job. This time he was excited from the minute he saw him. We have made an effort to show Colton pictures of Trevor and act really excited when we talk about him. My brother amazes me with how cute and good he is with Colton. He really is a great Uncle. They got to hang out, eat popsicles, pick up "babes", play baseball, and play on Colton's new slip n slide that Trevor bought him. We hate when it comes time to say goodbye especially when we know the next time we see him won't be all the way until November. Until then we will keep looking at pictures, reminding Colton how cool his Uncle is and have the occasional phone call.

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