Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimming, Eating and Blowing Things Up!

Friday I took the day off of work to spend some time with Colton. We went swimming in the afternoon with Grandma Margie at Taylorsville Pool and had a blast. Colton really has no fear of the water and could spend his whole day in water. While there Colton said his first sentence. A group next to us was eating popsicles and Colton looked at them then looked at me and no joke said

"momma, I wanna osicle"

I couldn't believe it. The kid who has not been allowed sugar and this is his first sentence. It figures! Colton is saying more and more words and I feel like he is just going to take off talking soon.

That night we went over to Grandpa and Grandma Lewis' house for a bbq and fireworks. Uncle Trevor was there and some of Margie's friends including Chloe, who is seven months older than Colton. Those two had a blast! They sat right on the stone ledge and watched the fireworks intently and giggled every time there was a noisy one. I loved listening to the two of them "talk" to each other. Although none of the adults understood what they were saying they sure did understand each other. It was the perfect start to our holiday weekend.

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