Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trevor's *times* Two!!

This last week has been a busy one at our house! We had Uncle Trevor here from California AND "Uncle" Trevor (my step brother) here from Washington! "Big" Trevor (step brother, big because he is older and well, bigger) also brought along two friends.

Trying to get Colton to cooperate was pretty impossible. This was the best one we could get of all three of them. All together we had nine people staying at our house. Thank goodness for air mattresses and the motor home :) Colton loved (for the most part) having lots of people here to play with and entertain. Although shy and moody at moments I think he was grateful to have some men in the house instead of just girls all the time! Uncle Trevor loves Colton and is so cute with him! As long as I wasn't visible Colton loved playing with him too. They wrestled, played football and watched sports together (you know "manly" stuff). I love this picture!We already miss both Trevor's and can't wait to see them in Seattle in a couple months!

Tom, Trevor, Torrence, Colton and Terry
Colton loved Torrence!

Spring Fever

It's official

Colton is so done with staying inside and throws a fit anytime we have to come inside. He has even started to resist getting in the carseat because he would rather be running around. I feel bad for him because although it looks nice and it is "nice" outside it's still too cold to stay outside for long periods of time. Saturday though we got to play outside for awhile.

Since Colton wouldn't come inside we even had a picnic lunch on the front lawn. He then "helped" grandpa rake up old leaves. We can't WAIT for WARM weather!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How awesome would it be to win this?!?!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

**WARNING: Picture Overload**
We started the day out by making pink heart pancakes. Colton liked to dump the mix in the bowl then had to stir it. I'm not sure where he learned you should lick the spoon but mid stir he decided to try it...gross! I think he liked the batter more than the actual cooked pancake. Weird child!

I also decided this year to attempt homemade sugar cookies. Colton once again was a great helper with rolling out the dough and pressing hearts in it but I believe he liked eating it more! Frosting the cookies was hilarious. He would put the knife in the frosting and then instead of putting it on the cookie it went straight to his mouth. I think he couldn't believe I was letting him eat it so he just kept going like the "deprived of sugar" child that he is. He also had fun with sprinkles. We delivered the cookies with our valentines.

I believe on Valentines everything should be heart shaped, so for lunch we had a heart peanut butter sandwich and dinner a heart shaped meatloaf. We had a fun day spent together and I felt so lucky all day to have Colton as my "Valentine" this year. I could not have asked for a better one!

Made with Love

This year Colton and I made homemade Valentines for the special people in our lives. I did not get many pictures of us actually making them because a craft project with glue, glitter and a sixteen month old (who is a super great "helper") was a little much to handle. Needless to say picking up the camera and trying to get a picture was pretty much out of the question. Colton loves to color so he got to color all the hearts first then help me sprinkle the glitter on them. I think they turned out pretty darn great! I hope everyone liked them and realized they were made with love :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love...

Seeing as it is Valentines I will jump on the band wagon and jot down a few things


*the first and most obvious one would be my beautiful, funny, charming, busy, adventurous and love of my life son Colton. I love that he is my Valentine this year :)

*My family- can't say this enough but I really don't know where I would be without them.

*the ability to hold a job and provide an income and insurance for Colton and I

*my water bottle (dumb I know but I'm seriously attached to the thing)


*coming home from work and having Colton greet me by running to me and giving me a great big hug and kiss

*finding new recipes to try and having them actually turn out

*sunshine, spring, summer, and warmth!

*witnessing random acts of kindness

*laughing so hard my stomach hurts

*turning up the music and "crazy" dancing with Colton

*playing Band Hero with my "band" and singing very loudly and out of tune :)

*seeing Colton learn new things everyday

*last but not least...Barney! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wahoo Saints!!

Well I believe this sums up how my dad (and family) felt today!

Besides Colton who is very sick with a cold and NASTY bad ear infection in his right ear. I feel so bad for him because he doesn't feel good but doesn't know why. He just keeps crying and clinging onto me not knowing what he wants. Getting his medicine down him is also not a fun experience. I was really really bad at taking medicine when I was little so both my mom and dad believe it's karma. Colton either spits it out or gags on it. I finally put the nasty stuff in his juice and have made him drink it. He hasn't (or won't ) eat for the last two days so he is living on milk, water and orange juice to get some vitamins and nutrients. I'm hoping by tomorrow he will be feeling much better.

See the excitement on his face?!

We went to my dad's to watch the game and had a good time. Colton slept for the second half of the game but woke up at the end of the fourth in time to see the most exciting parts of the game. He clapped and cheered and looked at Grandpa like he was CRAZY :) Uncle Trevor called my dad right at the end of the game so Colton got to talk to him for a minute. Trevor is coming in two weeks and we can't wait!

oh yeah and....


Here We Go Saints!!!

Go Saints!!!
My Dad is a HUGE Saints fan so our family is super excited for todays game! It doesn't help that Austin Collie (a former BYU player) who I dislike GREATLY plays for the Colts so....