Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wahoo Saints!!

Well I believe this sums up how my dad (and family) felt today!

Besides Colton who is very sick with a cold and NASTY bad ear infection in his right ear. I feel so bad for him because he doesn't feel good but doesn't know why. He just keeps crying and clinging onto me not knowing what he wants. Getting his medicine down him is also not a fun experience. I was really really bad at taking medicine when I was little so both my mom and dad believe it's karma. Colton either spits it out or gags on it. I finally put the nasty stuff in his juice and have made him drink it. He hasn't (or won't ) eat for the last two days so he is living on milk, water and orange juice to get some vitamins and nutrients. I'm hoping by tomorrow he will be feeling much better.

See the excitement on his face?!

We went to my dad's to watch the game and had a good time. Colton slept for the second half of the game but woke up at the end of the fourth in time to see the most exciting parts of the game. He clapped and cheered and looked at Grandpa like he was CRAZY :) Uncle Trevor called my dad right at the end of the game so Colton got to talk to him for a minute. Trevor is coming in two weeks and we can't wait!

oh yeah and....



  1. OH YEAH!!! Freakin specatcular game! Go Saints! p.s. Hope you feel better soon, Colton!

  2. These pictures are awesome! I was wishing I could be there to see his face, so this was the next best thing. :)