Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trevor's *times* Two!!

This last week has been a busy one at our house! We had Uncle Trevor here from California AND "Uncle" Trevor (my step brother) here from Washington! "Big" Trevor (step brother, big because he is older and well, bigger) also brought along two friends.

Trying to get Colton to cooperate was pretty impossible. This was the best one we could get of all three of them. All together we had nine people staying at our house. Thank goodness for air mattresses and the motor home :) Colton loved (for the most part) having lots of people here to play with and entertain. Although shy and moody at moments I think he was grateful to have some men in the house instead of just girls all the time! Uncle Trevor loves Colton and is so cute with him! As long as I wasn't visible Colton loved playing with him too. They wrestled, played football and watched sports together (you know "manly" stuff). I love this picture!We already miss both Trevor's and can't wait to see them in Seattle in a couple months!

Tom, Trevor, Torrence, Colton and Terry
Colton loved Torrence!


  1. Colton isn't the only one! I love the Trevors too. I miss them both and wish I could have seen them while they were here. I didn't know you were going to Seattle. How fun!

  2. So in a house full of women, you get a boy. Does that mean because I have a house full of men, someday I will get a granddaughter? Looks like lots of fun!