Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Hogle Zoo

Hogle Zoo 2012
We braved the heat today and went to the zoo. Grandpa and Grandma Treat and Karlee and Nate got to come along. We went early this morning for two reasons, it usually isn't busy Sunday mornings and it isn't as hot! Although at 11AM we looked and it was already 91* ugh!

Colton was excited and grabbed the map to direct us towards the new exhibit Rocky Shores! Unfortunately I think because of the heat the bears weren't extremely active this morning but we did get to see the Polar Bear walk around for a bit and the Sea Lions and Seals swim around! We walked the whole zoo and saw all the animals! Colton was still exhausted from the heat of the day before so he was pretty happy to just sit in the stroller and hang out. He perked up when we got to ride the train and get a snow cone. He also LOVED the bird show! It was fun how close the birds fly to your head and he would just laugh each time. He also went down and donated a dollar to the zoo. He got to put it in the birds mouth, then watch the bird put it in the box. He thought that was way cool! It was a fun day and I decided that I am buying a pass next year so we can go more often!
My little Eagle reading the map
At the Bear Exhibit
Riding the carousel, YES I need to go on a DIET, YUCK!
Getting ready for the train, he was more excited than he looks!
Donating his dollar

Happy 150 Years Union Pacific!

Happy 150 Years!
Yesterday (June 23, 2012) The Union Pacific hosted a family event to celebrate it's 150 years! Since Grandpa Treat has such a cool job we headed down there. We also got to invite The Workman's to join us since we know how much their kids love trains. It was HOT and WINDY but we still had fun! We started by taking a tour of an engine train where Colton got to pretend to drive. We played carnival games, stood in a loooooooooooooooong line to get the kids faces painted, visited a photo booth, got to play in a cop car (hopefully the LAST time Colton is ever in a cop car), play a simulator game where it teaches you how to drive a train and then we got to ride in a passenger train! We got to sit in the dome car so we were up top with windows all around, it was the end of a long day so luckily Colton was very calm on the 1.5 hour ride. It was a lot of fun and we are so lucky to have Grandpa Treat to teach us all about his job and show us the neat things he gets to do!
Showing off his muscles
Cotton Candy
The aftermath
Colton, Zoey and Oliver
Grandpa and Grandma Treat with Colton
Concentrating on driving the train!
They were up SO high! You couldn't pay me money to go up there and when Colton came down he told me it was scary!
The family getting ready for the train ride!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poison-Def Leppard

 When I found out Poison and Def Leppard were going on tour together again this summer I KNEW I had to go!! I had wanted a large group of us to go but it worked out just Sara and her Brother-in-law came, we had a BLAST!! Sara and I went for sushi before hand then got READY TO ROCK!! For the bands being full of older men they still know how to put on a great show! We didn't get as many pictures as we should have as there was some amazing people watching! My personal favorite was the girl in the orange leotard, denim vest and Leppard tail! Thanks Sara for going! It was too much fun and I can't wait for next know why ;)
Ready to head in!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine is a cool place where you go and choose from a large selection of ceramics to paint. You get to paint it however you like then leave it there for them to fire and glaze. On Tuesday's they do half price days so since it was my Birthday I decided that Colton and I needed to go paint. unt Karlee also got to join in the fun which was great! I don't have the finished product pictures but I am sure they are going to look great! Colton painted a spiderman bowl and a cat for Betty, I painted a girly skull piggy bankand Karlee painted a Utes shot glass that the worker later on said it looked like she took a few shots before painting it! I can't wait to go pick them up in a couple days!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Log Haven and New Friends

Rewinding all the way back to October... I was tailgating at a Utah game when two guys stopped by our lot. Jon and Alex, I have "known" Jon since I was very young as his dad was friends with my parents. We were never necessarily friends as we were not into the same things. They mentioned that they wanted to start bowling on the league my parents have bowled on for 20+ years. I have bowled a couple years and although it is very fun, I didn't like the commitment of every Friday night, especially once I had Colton. Well seeing as I might not have been sound of mind at that moment I opened my mouth and told them I would LOVE to bowl with them. Well vaguely remembering I said that the next day I pushed it off thinking no one was serious. I was wrong, we formed our team the next week and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I have made! I have learned that Jon is actually a really cool guy and his wife Sara has become one of my closest friends! It is amazing to me that even though you get stuck in your ways you can still meet people who you know you are meant to be friends with. They have two little kids whom I ADORE and Colton has made a life long friend in Oliver and a future wife in Zoey! Yes, we have arranged their marriage. They also have another little one coming in October and I can only imagine how cute this new baby is going to be! I am so grateful to the Workman family as I feel like they have taken Colton and I under their wing. We get to hang out with them often and Colton is always so excited when he gets to play with Ollie and Zoey and I am excited because I get to spend time with Sara :)
Zoey-Jane...she is a sassy pants and I LOVE it!
Colton driving Miss cute will their kids be?!
Oliver and Colton

Lindsey and Sara enjoying some rolls :)
 For Christmas my work gave me a $100.00 gift certificate to Log Haven (a nice restaurant up Millcreek canyon). I had never been there and honestly had no idea who to take. Well thanks to Jon's great suggestion and Sara and I having birthday's 5 days apart we decided to take advantage of this free meal and have a girls night out (or as we like to call it a Sister Wive date!). It was great weather that night and the atmosphere was beautiful! The food was great but honestly it was having a meal with no kid interruptions which was the nicest part! Luckily we had a really great waiter who was willing to take our dorky date picture. Thanks Sara for going with me! It was a GREAT night and I can't wait for our girls trip in a couple weeks!!
Sara 22 weeks pregnant
Our "date night" photo

Monday, June 11, 2012

A miracle!!

Holy Cow! Not sure why but the motivation bug bite me today. There are 11 new posts for anyone's enjoyment. It is a picture overload so you have been warned! Maybe this means I will actually start blogging again...but no promises!

Life Long Friends

Growing up we had neighbors, The Nelsons, who we lived right next door to us. They moved in when our mom's were both pregnant with their first kids, who were born 10 days apart. They proceeded to have kids very close in age. We grew up doing everything together! Laura was my very first best friend. In the summer before my 8th grade year they moved to Crescent City, CA. This was the most traumatic thing to happen to me in my young life. The night before she moved we spent the whole night dancing in my front yard to Cindy Lauper's "Time After Time". We have kept in touch over the last 14 years both going out and visiting her in Cali and seeing her when she comes out to Utah. The thing I love most about Laura is even though we don't talk on a daily basis and we don't know all the small details of each other's lives the minute we are together it is like no time has passed. I consider her a sister and will be there for her til the day we die!
In May Laura graduated with her Masters in Social Work and got married all in the same weekend! Well there was no way I was going to miss this occasion so I convinced my family to drive out to California with me for the weekend. It was a great weekend and I am SO glad we all got to go. Laura lives in Paradise, CA (the name says it all) and luckily Trevor only lives about 3 hours away so he drove over and met us. This is the first time in 13 years all of us have been together. It was one of the best reunions ever! Congratulations to Laura and Jamie and I wish them a lifetime of happiness! No two people deserve each other more!

Beautiful Bride and myself

 My mom and Melonie Nelson

 The Nelson and Lewis kids in age order!
Laura, Trevor, David, Lindsey, Adam, Karlee and Lexi
 Trevor and David
 My family
*Colton was with his dad this weekend. Even though I was sad he wasn't there it was nice not to have to worry about him on the 11 hour car ride.

Happy Birthday Margaret!

We LOVE cousin Margaret!!
Our life would be so sad without her in it! Her birthday was on April 20th and my parents hosted a little party. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!