Monday, June 11, 2012


*Christmas 2011*
Ever since we went to Disneyland in September Colton has LOVED Mickey. He saw a Rockstar Mickey in the store one day and really wanted it, I had told him maybe Santa would bring it. Fast forward three months and he was still asking for the (dumb) toy. Santa was NOT going to bring it to him but then got worried it might ruin the magic of Christmas if Colton woke up and didn't find the one thing he wanted, so of course, Rockstar Mickey was there Christmas morning. Exactly one week before Christmas my Grandma was talking to Colton asking him what he wanted Santa to bring him and he told us he no longer wanted a Rockstar Mickey, he wanted an iPad. I have NO idea where he thought of this as no one in our family has one so it isn't like he gets to play with one. I tried to explain to him that Santa brings mommies and daddies iPad's for Christmas, not little kids. Luckily Santa had decided earlier in the month that a Leapster Explorer would be a better option for Colton. Well Christmas morning came and Colton ran downstairs and saw his Rockstar Mickey and was excited but then he saw his Leapster and oh boy!! The first thing he told me was "An iPad!! See I told you I would get an iPad!" I am SO glad his dreams cam true and he truly believes this is an iPad. I had to make sure to tell people he didn't really get an iPad when he would tell people that is what he got. My kid is spoiled, but not THAT spoiled! We had a great day spending time together at home in our jammies. That night Colton's dad came over and he got a whole other Christmas (did I mention he is spoiled).

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

 Showing off his "iPad"

 His guitar from his dad

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