Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 150 Years Union Pacific!

Happy 150 Years!
Yesterday (June 23, 2012) The Union Pacific hosted a family event to celebrate it's 150 years! Since Grandpa Treat has such a cool job we headed down there. We also got to invite The Workman's to join us since we know how much their kids love trains. It was HOT and WINDY but we still had fun! We started by taking a tour of an engine train where Colton got to pretend to drive. We played carnival games, stood in a loooooooooooooooong line to get the kids faces painted, visited a photo booth, got to play in a cop car (hopefully the LAST time Colton is ever in a cop car), play a simulator game where it teaches you how to drive a train and then we got to ride in a passenger train! We got to sit in the dome car so we were up top with windows all around, it was the end of a long day so luckily Colton was very calm on the 1.5 hour ride. It was a lot of fun and we are so lucky to have Grandpa Treat to teach us all about his job and show us the neat things he gets to do!
Showing off his muscles
Cotton Candy
The aftermath
Colton, Zoey and Oliver
Grandpa and Grandma Treat with Colton
Concentrating on driving the train!
They were up SO high! You couldn't pay me money to go up there and when Colton came down he told me it was scary!
The family getting ready for the train ride!

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