Monday, June 11, 2012

Soccer 2012

I decided to sign Colton up for indoor Soccer. Soccer is not necessarily a sport my family is very into and apparently that has been passed on to Colton. He liked it the first week and the last week and that was about it. He wasn't interested in actually kicking the ball and more wanted to just run around, play Buzz Lightyear, dance and distract the other kids on the court. It was HILARIOUS at times and frustrating at times. Even though it wasn't very enjoyable I would not let Colton quit and he was at every single game. The last game he was so excited because he knew it was the last one and kept telling his coach that. His coach was amazing and I was so grateful that Colton was able to be on his team. Although I think soccer was a one time thing, it was a good experience for Colton as it introduced him to a team setting.

                                                     The first game, January 2012
First Game, January

                                                           Dancing around!
                                     Last Game, March 17, 2012, Uncle Trevor and his trophy!
Last game with Grandpa Vance and Uncle Trevor

                                                      Last Game with Grandma Treat
Last Game

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