Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Hogle Zoo

Hogle Zoo 2012
We braved the heat today and went to the zoo. Grandpa and Grandma Treat and Karlee and Nate got to come along. We went early this morning for two reasons, it usually isn't busy Sunday mornings and it isn't as hot! Although at 11AM we looked and it was already 91* ugh!

Colton was excited and grabbed the map to direct us towards the new exhibit Rocky Shores! Unfortunately I think because of the heat the bears weren't extremely active this morning but we did get to see the Polar Bear walk around for a bit and the Sea Lions and Seals swim around! We walked the whole zoo and saw all the animals! Colton was still exhausted from the heat of the day before so he was pretty happy to just sit in the stroller and hang out. He perked up when we got to ride the train and get a snow cone. He also LOVED the bird show! It was fun how close the birds fly to your head and he would just laugh each time. He also went down and donated a dollar to the zoo. He got to put it in the birds mouth, then watch the bird put it in the box. He thought that was way cool! It was a fun day and I decided that I am buying a pass next year so we can go more often!
My little Eagle reading the map
At the Bear Exhibit
Riding the carousel, YES I need to go on a DIET, YUCK!
Getting ready for the train, he was more excited than he looks!
Donating his dollar

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