Sunday, July 8, 2012

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

At the end of June my friend Sara and I took a girls only trip down to St. George for the weekend. Since we both have birthday's in June we have decided to make this an annual tradition. Our goal is to go bigger and bigger each year and no one is allowed to be pregnant in either Vegas or New York! We left Friday morning and headed down. I don't know about anyone else but I love road trips. I just like the calm of the car (at least when it is kids free), having great uninterrupted conversations, turning the music up and just driving! When we got into St. George we of course had to go to Target, how lame are we that this is our first stop! I can't even remember why we went, probably just because I was going through withdrawals since it had been 1 day since I had gone last. Yes, I have a problem. After stocking up on things we didn't need we headed to the hotel. We got checked in and immediately put the swim suits on, grabbed our books and headed to the pool. IT WAS SO NICE to be able to sit by a pool and read and not have to worry about one child there. It was a little slice of heaven! That night we decided to get sushi at Samurai 21. Have you ever heard of a sushi high? It is a real thing people, it hits approximately 15 minutes after eating and it contains uncontrollable laughter in public places. We sat at the bar and the sushi chef could not believe we were only drinking water! Yes we are that annoying sober...just wait until both of us get a few drinks in us! Unfortunately we were too busy stuffing our faces and laughing our butts off we forgot to get a picture at the restaurant. Luckily my cousin Shamie was staying at the same hotel as us for a family reunion so we bugged her to take a picture so we could at least have one picture that wasn't 6 inches away from our faces. Once we got back to the room that night we had a homemade "spa" night. Sara was awesome and made us some foot scrubs and facial scrubs to use. Sitting on the edge of the tub both scrubbing our feet was a sight to see and be grateful I didn't take a picture of that tub afterwards...ewwww!! The facial stuff was also entertaining. It was runny so we decided to lay on the floor while putting it on. The two of us laying on towels on the hotel floor with green kiwi stuff on our faces and tea bags on our eyes was something I wish we could have got a picture of. I am so grateful to have a friend to act like a complete idiot with and who laughs as much as I do!

In the car!
Headed to the Pool
Friday Night. Sara 23 weeks pregnant (I think that is how far along she was at that point)

Spa Night!

Before Picture

After picture
The next morning (after sleeping in until 10!) we headed back to the pool. We sat and read for a few hours before the heat got to us. We decided to take a little break from the sun and go see what Magic Mike could give us ;) If you haven't seen Magic Mike yet let me give you some advice...wait until you can watch it for free or only pay a dollar at Redbox! Yes I realize this movie is about a stripper and the acting wasn't expected to be stellar but man, Channing Tatum please stick to taking your shirt off and not talking, it kind of ruins your appeal!! After soaking in more rays and going to dinner we decided to drive around St. George a bit. Jamming out to MC Hammer and Journey in the hoity toity areas of St. George are some of the best times I have had! We also tried to get a picture of the two of us with the view of the city in the background, after multiple attempts we decided that was a big fat fail! That night Sara had this facial mask that she had at home that she hadn't tried yet so we decided to give it a go. Okay makes you look like a creepy plastic person, second peeling that sucker off was PAINFUL! Never, ever again will I use that stuff again. I wish I remember the name so I could warn everyone! Both of us had tears in our eyes while ripping it off piece by piece. Good thing we could laugh at ourselves while doing it!

Dinner at Pancho and Lefty's

Our attempt at a good picture. Ha!

Duck Faces

Creepy Plastic People
This weekend was exactly the trip I needed to come home and feel refreshed and ready to tackle some things I need to start on. THANK YOU Sara for making me laugh, listening to me cry and allowing me to sit and not talk for hours at a time while I read to my hearts content. I am already counting down until next year! Vegas better watch out ;)

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