Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Where Fun Is!

My friend from work text me the other night offering up some majorly discounted tickets to Lagoon for this weekend. Since they were only 11.00 a piece we of course said yes!! That is a HUGE savings! Colton, myself, Aunt Karlee and Grandma and Grandpa Treat all got to come. Colton has never been to Lagoon and I haven't been since high school. I am so glad I waited until this summer to take him since he was tall enough to ride a lot of the rides and brave enough to want to. Even though it was HOT it was so much fun!! The lines were manageable, the crowds were relatively small and everyone was in a great mood. Colton like any ride that went fast the best. He loved Bombora (the kid sized roller coaster), the Ladybug Drop, the Log Ride (even though he was hesitant at first because he didn't want to get wet) and the Scrambler! He also made me go on a ride that I hated! I don't know the name but you sit in a cage and rock back and forth while it goes around like a Ferris Wheel. I had my eyes closed most the time and anytime I would get the cage still he would be mad and make me start rocking again. I am so glad he has become more of a dare devil this summer! I also got to try out Wicked for the first time this year and LOVED it! Samurai on the other hand....ugh! I have learned my stomach just can't handle the rides that make your stomach go into your throat anymore. By the end we were all HOT and TIRED so we hit up the little plash pad they have to cool off then headed home! We went during bounce back so we can't wait to go again next week and hopefully have Uncle Trevor join us when he is in town!

The one good picture I got of him riding any ride

You can't tell but we were SOAKED from the Log Ride

Catching a ride with Grandpa
Sharing a frozen lemonade

Don't mind the butt shot, I just LOVE his expression!
Soaking Wet

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