Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yay Pioneers!

For the 24th of July we held our second annual camp out in the Jacobs' backyard. It is so much fun to pitch tents and sleep out without all the dirt or mess for one night. We went over Monday night and had a yummy dinner of ribs with Don and Margaret Jacobs, The Campbell Family, Karlee and Grandma and Grandpa Treat. After setting up our tents and letting the kids run wild late into the night we finally settled into bed. Colton LOVES sleeping in the tent and unfortunately this summer has been unusually busy so we haven't had a chance to go camping yet. The next morning was the 24th, we got up and had a yummy breakfast courtesy of Margaret and Shamie then got the kids in their swimsuit. We set up the slip-n-slide and let them play until the clouds came and ruined our fun :( WE then spent the day inside playing Dinosaur Bingo, Phase Ten Twist and letting the kids watch some Mickey and The Smurfs. That night the (other) Jacobs Family came over and we had a BBQ, played ladder golf and Shawn put on a great fireworks show for us. I love this fairly new tradition of ours and look forward to it through out the year. The kids are now all old enough that they really love to interact and play together and it is so nice that they can just go and play! Yay for Pioneers coming to Utah and allowing us to continue the fireworks and summer holiday fun all the way through July!

Playing in the tent

Silly Eva, just like her Grandma Margaret!

Dog Pile on Aunt Karlee!
I have no words!
Getting ready to watch fireworks
The kids ready for the show
Anna, Lucas, Olivia, Colton, Eva, Emrie
Ron and Shamie Campbell
Emrie LOVED the fireworks!

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