Monday, June 11, 2012

Go Jazz!

My cousin works for Larry H Miller Chevrolet. In February they had a meet Al Jefferson event so Colton and I along with our good friends Sara and Ollie headed on down there. We were totally unprepared and didn't take anything for him to sign but luckily they gave away little 4x6 cards with his picture on it. They also had a wheel that you could spin for prizes. Most the slots on the wheel were for hats, shirts or nothing but there was one slot for free tickets to a game. Wouldn't you know it, by complete luck both Oliver and Colton spun the wheel and got free tickets for a game! The best part is it was for a Miami Heat game! Although they were way up in the nose bleeds we didn't care! We were going to get to go to a game for free and see LeBron! Since the boy's won the tickets we decided to make it a mommy son date night. We went to dinner before and rode Trax down to ESA. The boys had so much fun!! YAY free stuff!

Sara, Ollie, Colton and myself
The boys had a lot of fun!

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