Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Log Haven and New Friends

Rewinding all the way back to October... I was tailgating at a Utah game when two guys stopped by our lot. Jon and Alex, I have "known" Jon since I was very young as his dad was friends with my parents. We were never necessarily friends as we were not into the same things. They mentioned that they wanted to start bowling on the league my parents have bowled on for 20+ years. I have bowled a couple years and although it is very fun, I didn't like the commitment of every Friday night, especially once I had Colton. Well seeing as I might not have been sound of mind at that moment I opened my mouth and told them I would LOVE to bowl with them. Well vaguely remembering I said that the next day I pushed it off thinking no one was serious. I was wrong, we formed our team the next week and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I have made! I have learned that Jon is actually a really cool guy and his wife Sara has become one of my closest friends! It is amazing to me that even though you get stuck in your ways you can still meet people who you know you are meant to be friends with. They have two little kids whom I ADORE and Colton has made a life long friend in Oliver and a future wife in Zoey! Yes, we have arranged their marriage. They also have another little one coming in October and I can only imagine how cute this new baby is going to be! I am so grateful to the Workman family as I feel like they have taken Colton and I under their wing. We get to hang out with them often and Colton is always so excited when he gets to play with Ollie and Zoey and I am excited because I get to spend time with Sara :)
Zoey-Jane...she is a sassy pants and I LOVE it!
Colton driving Miss cute will their kids be?!
Oliver and Colton

Lindsey and Sara enjoying some rolls :)
 For Christmas my work gave me a $100.00 gift certificate to Log Haven (a nice restaurant up Millcreek canyon). I had never been there and honestly had no idea who to take. Well thanks to Jon's great suggestion and Sara and I having birthday's 5 days apart we decided to take advantage of this free meal and have a girls night out (or as we like to call it a Sister Wive date!). It was great weather that night and the atmosphere was beautiful! The food was great but honestly it was having a meal with no kid interruptions which was the nicest part! Luckily we had a really great waiter who was willing to take our dorky date picture. Thanks Sara for going with me! It was a GREAT night and I can't wait for our girls trip in a couple weeks!!
Sara 22 weeks pregnant
Our "date night" photo

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  1. Yay for new friends...aka Sister Wives!!! ;) I am SO glad Jon and Al stopped by to see you guys that day or we would have not met as soon as we did!! I am so glad we did because you have become one of my most best friends!! :) Thanks again for Log Haven and I can not wait for our St. George trip!!!