Monday, June 11, 2012


Since Soccer was a bust I thought we would give T-ball a go. Ever since I found out I was having a boy I was dreaming of the moment he could play baseball! Since they were low on volunteers I decided to say yes and coach the team. HA! How funny was that! Some days it felt more like babysitting but it was actually a lot of fun! Colton liked it WAY better and he had a good time at every game. We had so much fun we signed up to do it again starting in July. He was lucky to have his good friend Oliver on the team with him. Those two boys are so darn cute!

First Game April 2012
Oliver Judd and Colton Hernandez

 Last Game, May 2012 with his trophy!
I was so proud of how much the team improved and how much Colton improved! The first week almost every kid had to hit off the tee, by the last game every single kid was doing coach pitch. Colton loved being out there and did good at cheering on all the other kids on his team. These are the moments when I LOVE being a mom!!

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