Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crash and Go Boom

Saturday the 24th Colton, Uncle Trevor and I made the trip up to Kamas. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember to spend the 24th at Kamas Fiesta Days. Although my attendance to all the other festivities is no longer I NEVER miss the Demo Derby. I look forward to this every year and want Colton to grow up with the same tradition. The last six years have been the most fun since my cousin Tyson has started to drive in them. My cousin Cameron has also started building cars and driving in it. Those two are insane and do numerous derbies every summer. Tyson has been working on his car since April and you could tell. His first meet he had unfortunate luck and got hit from behind and high centered on a log. Nobody would come help him get down so he was out. He did end up winning $250 for the "hard luck" award. His car was in great shape and he ended up coming back into the grudge match. He now was driving like he had a purpose. He was hitting cars so hard he ended up rolling one. The crowd really gets into this. He won the grudge match so made it back into finals. There he became insane. He caused two more rollovers (so THREE total) and winning the whole thing! First place won four THOUSAND dollars, they also gave a "Mad Dog" award for the craziest driver which in no surprise Tyson also won that. It paid out $750 and another Derby car. This bringing his grand total to $5000.00 and a car!!! Overall it really made the derby one, if not my most, favorite I have ever been too.

It was also really nice to spend the afternoon visiting with all the grandparents up there and eating yummy food. I know it's blurry but if you can see the car tipped over Tyson did that...

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  1. I SOOOO want to go to a demolition derby!!! They look and sound like so much white trash fun ... right up my alley!!!!