Monday, July 12, 2010


Last weekend Colton and I went with my Mom and Terry up to Wasatch State Park to camp for the night. They were going up to four wheel and golf for the weekend so we tagged along. He loved riding in the motor home and I think my Mom was more excited for Colton to sleep in the motor home then he or I was (the bed we slept on was not comfortable) Camping is definitely Colton's element. He loves being outdoors and playing with bugs and dirt that he was in heaven! We got there and set up, went for a walk and explored, made a fire, roasted marshmallows, relaxed and got very dirty! Colton loved sleeping in the motor home and woke up in the best mood! He slept so good he even slept through the huge thunder storm that was shaking the motor home at times, the pounding rain, and a restless mom who couldn't stay still through the night. The next morning we made breakfast and got our stuff together to leave. Everyone was going four wheeling so we headed out to visit the Great-Grandparents in Kamas. It was a great little getaway and has made me very excited for the few more camping trips we have planned this summer!

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  1. Camping is the best! You don't have any fun unless you get dirty! Don't you hate it when there is a hurricane out and you can't sleep though! (HATE it when that happens!)