Monday, August 20, 2012

Lewis Family Reunion

Last weekend was the annual Lewis Family Reunion. Now although my last name is Lewis I am actually not blood related to this family. My step dad's mother's maiden name was Lewis so it is ju8st a coincidence. Although I am not blood related I 100% consider these people family. I am so lucky that my mom decided to get some pretty amazing in-laws when she married my step dad many moons ago!

This year we went to Lava Hot Springs. It was so much fun and we had a great turn out. I was awful at taking pictures compared to years past so I don't have pictures of every one who was actually there. We got up there Thursday and set up camp and relaxed. Friday we went to the Lava Hot Springs Swimming Complex. Colton was kind of a stinker and was super clingy to me in the pool and wouldn't go under water or play with anyone else. He mostly wanted to sit out on the grass. After a couple hours we went back to camp and he decided he wanted to swim again so his awesome Aunt Karlee took him back and said he was MUCH better and had tons of fun- go figure-. We got to visit that night and went to bed fairly early since Colton was worn out from a day in the sun.

Such great friends!
Saturday when everyone was either golfing or running the river we went and walked downtown with The Campbell's (minus Shamie), Grandma, Karlee, Margaret, Melissa and her nieces. We stopped and got ice cream which was a big hit since it was blazing HOT that day! Back at camp the kids got to decorate some frames and visors. Colton had fun decorating but only wore his visor for about 2 seconds. He has never been a hat person. That night we had our annual auction. I love the auction as everyone always brings such great items. This year Karlee and I made some holiday crafts. Karlee's turned out GREAT and went for $325 altogether! Mine totaled to about $75 but I was proud I even took anything. I am NOT a crafty person! It was a very successful auction and we had a record of over $1600.00, this family really is awesome and knows that every dime they spend just funds the reunion for the next year.
Doing Crafts
Decorating himself instead of the frame!

At the Ice Cream Shop

This is really just a synopsis of what we did, we had a GREAT weekend with great people. I always look forward to these reunions and it is always a highlight of our summer. We can't wait to next year when we will probably get to travel up to Oregon or Washington.

Friends for Life!
Lucas, Colton, Emrie, Eva
Grandpa the photo bomber

Myself and Melissa

Mom, Karlee and Melissa

Myself and Margaret

In the Tent

In the Tent

The last morning with the family and Terry's brother Larry
P.S. Every year another family is in charge of planning, the family that was suppose to plan this summer had a wedding to plan so my mom was asked in March to take her turn this summer and I think it needs to be said that she did an AMAZING job! Trying to find somewhere that late in the year to accommodate the size of our group that is also somewhere fun was stressful but she pulled it off-like she always does. I sure hope when I got older I am as much as a rock star as she is!

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