Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Fun

Since I'm not so great at updating my blog I'll put a couple of the fun things we have done recently into one post...
Camping with the Baileys
A lot of fun! We went to private property so it was quiet and we could d o whatever we wanted. We drove the four wheelers around and just sat and sat. I even drove the four wheeler for the first time and surprised myself by really liking it. Because it was secluded we put Colton in the middle of Karlee and I and drove him down a little paved road. He LOVED it and said "vroom vroom" the whole time. He kept wanting to go more and was getting mad when we wouldn't. Of course it was cold Saturday and warm Sunday the day we were leaving but oh well still fun! I forgot the stroller and so my genius stepdad attached a rope to a box Colton kept climbing in and we had to take turns pulling him around. He is so easily entertained!

Cherry Hill

We went to Cherry Hill with Jena and Aniston and had a blast! Colton loves water, swimming, and little kids so he was in heaven! He had a friend to follow around and could get splashed in the face (which he enjoys)! It was fun and I can't wait until next year when he can enjoy a little bit more!

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  1. You guys need to come camping this weekend!! Maybe Terry can bring up the motor home and you girls can do the camping thing.