Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mad Skills...

I haven't felt too great the last two days so I stayed home from work and Karlee didn't go in either (because NO ONE should work on their birthday!). The only thing Karlee wanted to do was go to Red Lobster and make a cake. Colton got to help make the cake and was a great helper! I even let him lick the spoon and even let him even have a little cake since it was a "special" day. Well after it was baked and cooled Colton and I decided that we would surpirse Karlee and decorate it while she took a nap. I thought it would be really sad if she had to decorate her own cake. We didn't really plan on doing this so we had to use whatever we had in the house. Now I don't know about you but I think we are super great cake decoraters!! Colton even "helped" me write "Happy Birthday" and if you look closely you can see where I let him control the sprinkle bottle all by himself. We hope Karlee had a GREAT day! We love her lots!!

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