Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shake what your momma gave ya!

So let's be honest. I spend A LOT of time at home...
Really all my time is spent at home (if I'm not at work).
Consequently I watch probably way too much t.v.
I can't help it. I love tv, always have and probably always will.
I love my DVR and love being able to watch all my shows after Colton goes to bed.
I really do have a point to this rambling and it's this.
Make fun of me if you must (and I know most people are closet fans) but I am so excited for this

and who isn't excited to watch this train wreck?!?

Dancing With the Stars

starts March 22 and I personally can't wait!!

p.s. My secret wish is that I could dance like them.
Maybe one day I will be brave and go take lessons.


  1. make me laugh! Shake it girl!

  2. Are you kidding! I LOVE my DVR. I can watch t.v. again!!!! (Yeah, I just got it, talk about pull yourself into the here and now!!!)

  3. I can't wait to see Kate dance. I'm not a super big fan of Dancing with the Stars but I'm going to watch every episode until Kate goes home. Love it!

  4. Yes, I too enjoy watching tv. It's a borring life at times but when new shows start up it's great! I also don't watch DWTS that often but maybe this year I will?:]