Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scariest Place on Earth

Last Sunday was a day I had been looking forward too for a couple months. I had bought myself, Colton and Karlee tickets to Disney on Ice. I even splurged and got GREAT seats hoping it would help hold Colton's interest through the entire show. We were on the fourth row, center ice right on the aisle. The view was amazing and I was so excited for the show to start so Colton could see Mickey in person! I of course spent way too much money on a light up wand and a mater hat for his souvenirs, but he was set! Well...Lights go out, kids start cheering and here comes Mickey...Colton was sitting on my lap and after about 45 seconds of trying to get him to wave and clap I realized the poor kid was shaking. He was shaking from the inside out. I looked at his face and he had the look of fear and "I'm going to start screaming any second" look. I tried to get him to relax and get excited but once "Mater" came out he was DONE!!! He started climbing off my lap and pointing to the door. I think he would have climbed all 45 stairs without me just to get out of there! I tried to stand at the top thinking maybe we were too close but nope. After four attempts of going back in I finally gave up and had Karlee meet me at the top and we left. I was so disappointed that he didn't enjoy it! The only thing he did like was the popcorn! Maybe next year...

Just to show how close we were!

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  1. super bummer. i'm sorry. it does look like you had great seats. :/