Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Halloween!

First and foremost I need to give my Mom a big THANK YOU for making Colton's CUTE costume this year!
With that being said Colton had a great Halloween. It started Friday night when he went up to the bowling alley to show off his costume and see everyone else's. Jake and Hailey made a very cute witch and dracula.
Saturday Justin, Karlee and I took Colton trick or treating to family and friends houses before we hurried home to watch Utah beat Air Force in a very exciting game. Colton was so cute as he would go up to the door and yell TREAT then walk right in like he owned the place. He wasn't shy about grabbing the candy. He grabbed and grabbed until someone would tell him no more. For only going to a few houses he sure got A LOT of candy and even a chocolate doughnut! He was a very happy boy!

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