Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another year older...

Friday was my step mom Margie's birthday. Our family is not one to make big deals out of birthdays ever but since this was a big one (60!) my step sisters decided to throw a surprise party for her. Our family met up at the Rodizio Grill and waited for Margie and my dad to show up. She was completely surprised (despite the fact that my dad might not be the smoothest secret keeper!) The biggest surprise is that my step sister Jenny and her kids flew in from Arizona to be here. We had an awesome dinner and it was really nice to be together and get to see Brandon and Michelle. Colton loves them! I didn't get any good pictures of the actual surprise but here are some cute ones from dinner.

On a side note I can't believe Colton turns ONE in a couple weeks! I'm excited and sad at the same time. He is becoming such a big boy! Walking everywhere and talking more and more!

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  1. How fun. I want to do a surprise party one day. I suck at keeping secrets though!