Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Few Reasons

Why I Love Colton
* When asked how old he is he holds up his index finger to show he is "one"
* He no longer walks...he runs
* He has the best laugh and frequently cracks himself up and laughs out of nowhere
* He gives the best (open mouthed) slobbery kisses complete with the *muah* sound
* He has rhythm! Dancing whenever he hears music. He has even started to master spinning in the middle of his "routines"
* His favorite song is "Single Ladies" by Beyonce
* Best. Smile. Ever.
* Very social. Cute now but we will need to work on stranger danger
* Loves to talk and will try to imitate most words.
* Words he can say include: Mama, Dada, Ama (grandma), Dog, Duck, Quack, Bum, Hi, Bye
( I swear he has said other words but not too consistently)
* He loves food!
* When looking at his words book he says "mmmm" when it comes to the food page
* Loves to wake me up by crawling on me and kissing my face all over while laughing
* When he hears the phone ring he runs to it and points until you answer it all the while with the look of "hello dummy the phone is ringing...answer it!"
Okay so this is more than a few (I could keep going) and I know I'm being an annoying mom but I really wanted to write some of these down so I won't forget them. Time with him is going so fast and he is getting bigger and more independent by the day. I love that he is my buddy and I can always count on him to cheer me up! I really feel sooo lucky that he came into my life and I get the opportunity to be his mom.


  1. Kids are uh-mazing. There are so many reasons why I love Van. You aren't being are just being a Mom, and it's cute!

  2. I LOVED reading all of these! Makes me miss him more. ♥
    You are so good at keeping up with your blog and posting things you want to remember. I have a friend who uses hers as her journal and her scrapbook. At the end of each year, she prints out all of her posts and puts them in a book. Maybe I'll be awesome like you guys someday and actually have something to print out. :)