Monday, October 19, 2009


We took a quick weekend trip to Vegas this weekend to watch the Utes dominate the Rebels! We left later in the afternoon on Friday so it was probably during Colton's most restless time of day which made me nervous. He was awesome until we hit St. George. We ate in Beaver and got back in the car to continue. Right after St. George he started to get restless and cry (it was his bedtime so I wasn't surprised) he finally fell asleep and right after we got out of the canyon that leads into Mesquite he woke up and started to fuss again. I had my hand on his face trying to calm him down when he looked over at me and puked ALL over! It was so sad and quite gross!! Once we got pulled over and cleaned up he was a total champ. I figure he just got a little car sick. We didn't get into Vegas until about eleven that night so we just went straight to bed.
The next day we had a lot of time to kill until the game since it didn't start until seven. We went to the outlet malls where Colton found some cool toys to ride. He loved the train which made Grandpa proud. He also liked the car... until it started to move then the fun was over. I didn't blame him the thing was apparently made for "big" kids because it almost tipped him right out!
We also made it to the Hoover Dam. I had never been there before so it was pretty cool. Terry was fascinated, to say the least, at the new Bridge they were building so he loved every minute. Colton slept through half of it then finally woke up to take some pictures.
We made it over to the parking lot to tailgate with our group a couple hours before the game. Colton decided the activity of the day was get as dirty as you can and collect as many rocks as your hands can carry. I was worried about how he would do at the game since it was so late but once again he was awesome. He fell asleep just sitting on my lap about the second quarter and didn't wake up until the end. He even slept through the five beers that were spilled on us and me standing up and finally yelling at the guys behind us! They were ridiculously drunk and super obnoxious. Once I "laid down the law" though they behaved very well! Oh yes and the Utes did dominate. It was a way fun game!
We got up early and headed out Sunday morning. It took us almost eight hours to get home but Colton was pretty amazing for being cooped up that long. If you have ever been around him for more than five minutes you know he is a very busy kid and doesn't ever sit still for long so I was one proud mom at the end of this trip. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and Barney Halloween (which I have now seen about seventeen times!). We did take a little break to play on the grass and stretch our legsI am so lucky to have such a great family to go on all our fun trips on. Colton has now been in five States and two Countries and he is only thirteen months old! He is one lucky kid!
**side note: I know I probably put way too way pictures up so sorry!**


  1. You can NEVER have too many pictures...especially when you have a boy that CUTE! I need a fun road trip! AND you do have a great family!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Soon you need to add Arizona to his list of states visited! He'll have to take a break from the snow and come see his baby cousin sometime this spring. :)