Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day One

We had to get up super early and leave the house by six a.m. to catch our flight out to Seattle. I was worried for over a week how Colton would do on the plane since he is so active but I had no need to worry. He was amazing the whole time! He was happy to sit on our laps, listen to music, look at books and dance.

We landed and had to wait for Uncle Trevor to arrive about 45 minutes later. Colton's entertainment was walking up the set of stairs and riding back down the escalator. I think we did this with him about 15 times before Trevor showed up. Colton went right to him and warmed up to him in no time. That made both Trevor and I very happy!

We then got to go see my step-brother's house in Tacoma. I have always heard how cold he kept his house but this was ridiculous. It was warmer to stand outside in the rain then it was to sit on his couch. Colton and I had to wrap up in a blanket to stop from shivering.

After freezing our butts off we finally got to go meet Jen and Lily. My step-brother Josh married Jen about a year ago and this is the first time I have met her. I instantly liked her! I really wished we lived closer to each other. Lily was also ADORABLE (see post below).

That night we went to Famous Dave's for dinner. There were thirteen of us all together so it was hard to talk to anyone but the people you were sitting right next to. Luckily I got to sit by "big" Trevor's girlfriend and her cute five month old. She was also so nice.

Colton was exhausted from all the traveling and not getting any good naps he started falling asleep in his high chair. Poor kid was exhausted! He never woke up again until the next morning at 5 a.m. :(

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