Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Zoo

Colton and I went to the zoo with some friends a couple weeks ago. This is the second time Colton has been this year since my dad took him one day when I was at work. Colton was great and loved looking at all the animals. He really wanted to get in the water with the penguins and go swimming. He loved the carousel (I was worried that he would freak when it started moving). The zoo was packed that day since it was the first nice Saturday we had this year.

Running back in forth of the cat window entertained them for quite a while. It was funny to watch.

This was last year. My bubbas is getting too big!!

We plan on going back at least one more time this. Hopefully it won't be quite as crowded and we can see the animals a little better!

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  1. If you go when it is not too hot, we want to go!