Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

Our 4th of July was tons of fun! Nev was out of town so Colton and I hung out with my family all day. We started the day at the Murray parade and besides the over rambunctious candy throwers it was a lot of fun. We went with our cousins Don, Shamie, Ron, Shawn, Susie and their girls.
Later that day we went to Don and Margarets for a BBQ. The grownups played a game of Lasso Golf (which if I do say so myself I kick butt at :). After we were done Colton and Lucas decided to give it a shot!
How cute is this picture:) Don't mind the diaper but way too HOT for clothes!
After spending the day there we headed to my dads to do the millons of fireworks he bought. Colton liked them at first but was SO tired he couldn't handle much of them. It was funny because when they were loud it scared him but he just couldn't look away!
Overall we had a GREAT day!


  1. That first picture of you and Colton is so cute! Love how you added the pictures to the side.

  2. Looks so fun!
    If there's one thing your dad knows how to spend money on, it's fireworks. It's so funny how he gets such a kick out of shooting off a billion fireworks on the 4th. :) I wish we could be up there every year.