Sunday, July 5, 2009

Water Fun!!

Colton has always loved water. Not once has he cried or fussed when he has taken a bath, even as a baby he enjoyed it. He even likes water being poured over his head and down his face! Now that it is warm weather we have taken advantage with water time fun!

We bought a blow up pool and decided last weekend was the perfect time to use it
First we had to blow up the pool but Colton was a great helper!
We let the water warm up for a couple hours but when we put him in it was still pretty chilly so he would not venture past daddy's hands!
Once Grandma Margie came in and sat with him he realized it wasn't so bad! (This was after daddy dumped a bunch of pots full of hot water in from the house!)
A couple days later he was helping my mom (Grandma Treat) water her plants when he decided the sprinkler looked fun!
Colton is such a good boy and always an adventure. I am very grateful and very lucky to have him in my life!
Fourth of July was a blast! Pictures and details to come soon....

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  1. I love his cool pool! =) He is such a little cutie!!!