Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowbird Take 1

Every year my Step-mom and Dad get a timeshare in Snowbird at the Iron Blossom Lodge. They are always there for two weeks over Christmas. Last Sunday Colton and I got to go up there and spend the day. My Step-sister Jenny and her family always come up for Christmas since they live in Arizona but since she is having a baby any day now(!) she didn't get to make it up this year. Luckily her kids Brandon and Michelle got to come up for a few days though and Colton loves playing with them. Our friends Matt and Cindy were also up there with their adorable kids Hailey and Jake. We spent the day eating, playing games in the game room, eating, watching football, eating, decorating the tree, running around and going up and down the stairs a bazillion times and did I mention we did some eating?! We had a really fun day and I can't wait to go up there next week and spend a few days. I know my dad can't wait also! Here are a few pictures from the day

They loved spinning in the chair over and over

Colton is going to be a great driver!

Helping me decorate the tree

I love this picture of cute cousins Colton and Brandon

Sitting in front of the BEAUTIFUL tree decorated solely by the kids!

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