Monday, December 7, 2009

Fort Building

Friday night Colton, Karlee and I decided we were going to watch Shrek the Halls and some other Christmas cartoons. We put the movie in and pushed play when Shrek started speaking Spanish to us. See my mom has this Mexican DVD player (that I ask her if she bought on the black market in Tijuana) and unless you change the settings before beginning the movie it always defaults to Spanish, either speaking or subtitles. Re-realizing this it figures we can not find the remote ANYWHERE (Colton has a tendency to hide remotes, phones ect...) After pulling the whole family room apart and still not being able to find I looked around at our mess and decided that tonight was the night I was going to "teach" Colton how to build a fort. After strategically placing cushions and blankets everywhere it was time to play. Colton had other thoughts. He looked at me like I was nuts if he was going to crawl under that contraption. I tried to show him how fun it was by getting in there with him but he was mostly interested in trying to collapse the whole thing on top of me instead I finally gave up and we brought my DVD player down and watched Shrek. Overall it was a fun night and I have layed the foundation for some good fort building days ahead of us...


  1. It is sad that I haven't ever built a fort with Savannah. You made me want to go home and build a really good one! =) You are a wonderful Mother, and inspire me to want to be better!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Every kid needs a good foundation in fort building, and at such a young age! He'll be a pro in a couple of years :)