Sunday, May 9, 2010

Go Jazz!

I am slowly but surely becoming a Jazz fan. I have always liked them but never made an effort to watch them on t.v. I have been watching them this playoff season and have really enjoyed it. I have always hated the Lakers and especially Kobe so I have been cheering even louder this last week. Last night my friend Josh and I got to go to the playoff game. It was insane in there and the game was intense! Although they lost in the last minute we still had fun and it was a great experience being in the loudest arena in the NBA. Now we hope for at least a victory on Monday!


  1. jealous you got to be there! so sad they lost!! Josh is a cute friend! ;)

  2. That was a GREAT game, it would have been awesome to have been there. Friend huh? He is pretty handsome!!!