Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Mind of His Own

This last week I have come to the conclusion that Colton needs to live in bubble wrap.
While at his dad's house on Sunday he fell on the sidewalk and his chin caught his fall. Poor buddy had a big ol' scab forming across his little chin.
On Wednesday I noticed a big red spot and bump on his left cheek. At this point I'm concerned people are going to think he is neglected.
Then Thursday night he was walking next to the fireplace and tripped over his own foot breaking his fall on the edge of the tile with his right cheek. It instantly bruised and swelled up. Now I'm really concerned thinking people are going to really think I beat my kid.
Friday morning my mom then sends me a picture at work of his finger wrapped up in a band aid. He apparently cut it on some unknown item in the cupboard. That kid is tough though!!
I knew he was "spirited" and had a lot of energy but I didn't realize how much until this week after spending some time with another little kid (although ten months older and a girl) and seeing the difference!

Now the best story of the week came this morning. We decided to go swimming at the Murray pool. Colton was really excited when we were walking in and he could see the pool through the window. Being a very dumb mom I wasn't holding him when we walked through the door. I turned for seriously one second when I heard my friend yelling Colton's name. I turned just in time to see him running into the pool fully clothed! I ran in after him and caught him right after he decided to sit down and start playing. We were soaked! I'm not going to lie, for a second I thought I was going to give up and cry (it had been one of those mornings) but then realized how funny it really was and just had to laugh. I'm still laughing thinking about it. It really stunk after we were done for the day and had to put our wet clothes back on to go home.
I love my little bubas and I love how rambunctious he is! He definitely keeps me on my toes!


  1. That is boys for you! If they don't bang themselves up, something is wrong. It doesn't get any better either. They just get more magnificent (and expensive) with their injuries!

  2. I love it! Aren't boys so SPIRITED!! I wish I could've been an onlooker to the little boy playing in the pool with all his clothes, it would've made my day and made me feel better about my own wonderful mommy moments!!