Thursday, May 13, 2010


Have you heard of People of Walmart?
I love it!
I love people watching. It's a hobby of mine. Right or wrong I don't care, it's fun.
Lately my friend Josh and I have made a hobby of going to Walmart to see who we can see.
Last night we found the winner of everyone.
I'm sad I have no pictures or video to accompany the story but the story is good enough on it's own.
After walking through the store and purchasing a movie we made our way back to the car. There was the typical people we always see.
The odd couples, the big families (who have their kids out way too late), the teenagers with nothing else to do. Nothing too exciting.
As we were sitting in the car getting ready to go I started looking at the kid getting out of the car across from us. First I noticed his awesome black and lime green jacket, so I made a comment. Then we noticed his girl pants, another comment was made. What happens next felt like slow motion. He went and grabbed a cart and wheeled it over to the passenger back seat of the car, opened the door and pulled out an infant car seat with a blanket over it. The first thing I thought was "oh another baby out way too late". Then the girlfriend/wife got out, Josh said
"she has a cat"
A baby and a cat?! That's weird but okay... If I thought that was weird I was wrong.
She then proceeded to put the cat in the baby carrier, tuck it in and put the blanket back over it. I was very concerned that she was putting a cat on top of a baby. We immediately got out of the car and followed them in. By the time we followed them through the parking lot, in the front doors and past the door greeter they had to re tuck this poor cat in twice. I couldn't follow them anymore. I was laughing way too hard.
Who does this? Are we the only ones who thought this was crazy?!
I think I laughed for a half hour straight and am still laughing now thinking about it.
Like I said, I'm very sad I could not get pictures or video...


  1. There are some SICK and DEMENTED people in this world!!!

  2. Seriously? That Walmart does scare me sometimes!